Altered Photos - Customized Bike Graphics
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Altered Photos - Customized Bike Graphics

Radshots creates a unique piece of art of your bike that express your style that can be proudly displayed in your home, office or business for everyone to enjoy on location-- one of our professional photographers will shoot your bike on a green screen, you or one of our models can be in the photos.

We normally will take 10-15 pictures from different angles, and light, then choose the one that's perfect for the background you have chosen.

Our graphic designers will then remove the image of your bike and start SUPER IMPOSING and creating your piece of art. We can add models, text, logos, reflections whatever it takes to obtain the final result that's right for you.

If you are not near one of our locations, call us to see if we will be working an event you plan on attending.

YOU CAN TAKE THE PICTURE YOURSELF, call us so we can decide on the background you want, and we will talk with you about the best way to get your photo to us WE USE THIS PROCESS ON A DAILY BASIS

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